Why Word Warrior?

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Welcome to my blog! Grab a coffee (or wine) and make yourself at home. 🙂

I am Gideon, a South African and I’m very interested in languages. I always like to write creatively, study new languages and linguistics. These days I am attempting to do a degree in Computational Linguistics at a Dutch university.

In short an explanation about my name. A couple of years ago, some online personality test labeled me as a “word warrior” – someone who is gifted with languages, likes to write, and would be someone like a journalist, writer, and so on. Well it was quite accurate, except that I’m more of a scientist – I do research, programming, experiments, write papers, and so on.

Creative writing is something that I’d like to come back to at some point. At least for now, this blog will focus more on computer and language related stuff. The next post will be a review on my newly acquired MacBook Pro, and I plan to add a lot of useful stuff I discover in the area of general computer use, programming in Perl, natural language technology and so on.

Your comments are most welcome and I hope we will have fun chatting about things!



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